Emove is a dance practice created & developed by Lerie Pemanagpo on the basis of 5 rhythms, gaga, ecstatic dance and Vadim Demchog's Playschool techniques . It is a 75-minutes guided session of psychosomatic exploration through dancing 6 types of emotional states. It helps with reinforcing the connection between the body and the psyche, brings a brighter emotional dimension to one‘s dance practice and helps with managing one‘s affects through conscious and embodied process of associating and dissociating with a wide range of emotional spectrum.


Structure of the class:

- Warm-up

- Guided 30-minutes set through 6 different rhythmic structures

- Integration / sharing

This dance practice is suitable for all levels of physical training. Bring comfortable clothes to change. Please note that this is not a psychotherapeutic session. The participants are responsible for respecting their physical and emotional limitations.


Single session: 35 CHF (Pay on desk with Cash or Twint)
Registration via website or email:



- Deconstruction of human body (butoh)

- Body of noise (butoh, deep listening)
- Pemanagpo Somatic Lab (butoh, physical theatre, meditation)