Lerie Pemanagpo (she/they),  b. 1990,  is a transdisciplinary artist, performer and director, living in Zürich and Basel. Pemanagpo has been experimenting with sound and digital media since teenage years and studied physical theatre and Jungian psychology after completing a Specialist degree (former equivalent of Masters Degree in Russia) in philosophy. Since 2021, Pemanagpo has been working as a theatrical and film director, and became an active AI researcher and beta-tester, implementing different models into art and advocating for an ethical and sustainable use of technology.


Summarising their multi-disciplinary background in art, theatre, Jungian psychology, astrology and writing, Pemanagpo calls themself “a professional fairy-taler_ess”, as the cornerstone of their work is to explore the collective myths and intimate, mystical and numinous connection with the technology.

"My approach can be described in one word: synesthesia. I see it as a necessary antidote to the collective anaesthesia of the time, the utter unwillingness to feel into our lives and bodies. I looked for theatre in European squats, broken streets of Nepal and shaman festivals of Tibet. I took the colour of the Franciscan monks and danced it. I took a smell of hidden gambling houses of Delhi and turned it into music. I took the algorithms of AI and whispered with it under my blanket like a lover"


Selected Performance works

"Algorism 3.0", dir. Pemanagpo // Haus der Elektronischen Künste, Basel
"Love is a Battlefield", co-created with Finsterbusch Collective // Kzern, Geneva

"Closer", dir. Pemanagpo // Galerie Durchgang, Basel
"LIKE A VIRGIN - Von Ballett bis Butoh", dir. Daniel Williams, Societaetstheater, Dresden



"Narrenschiff", dir. Valentin Tszin // Mutabor, Moscow
"Theodora and the Progress", dir. Elise Lammer (Alpina Huus) // Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich

"Algorism 2.0", dir. Pemanagpo // Zürich (Zentralwäscherei), Bern (Space Between International Butoh Festival), Stuttgart (International Festival der Digitale Kunst)
"OFF-Time Values", co-directed by Valentin Tszin, Vicky Fillipa, Carmen Lafran, Pemanagpo // dB Studio, Berlin



Gamma Festival performances, dir. Valentin Tszin // St. Petersburg

"Khankha", dir. Pemanagpo // Theater Osobnyak, St. Petersburg
"Delhi Dance", dir. Vitaly Labutin // Mutabor, Moscow
"Moira", dir. Pemanagpo, MosEspa Festival // Geneve

"Transparency", dir. Pemanagpo, ArtCave Gallery, Zürich

Selected Video and Film works




"AI-lice Through the Looking Glass", 27 min, dir. Pemanagpo, commissioned by HAU Hebbel-am-Ufer Theater, Berlin. Premiered 03.03.23 in HAU, Berlin. Director, cut, production, appearing as themself.

"Assistant", dir. Désirée Wengler, Showcase im Theater Stock, Zürich 03.-04.06.23, official premiere in 2024. Videoartist.

"The Circle" by Lampyridæ Collective, Transbona Halle, Basel, 21.10.23.

Video installation, 30.03.2023 - 21.04.2023, Galerie Durchgang, Basel. Scriptwright, animation. 


"Blood type", 3 min, Video Installation, White Room Gallery, Berlin. Videoartist.


"Transparency", 9 min, dir. Pemanagpo, ArtCave Gallery, Zürich. Videoartist.

Selected Exhibitions



Figure 1A, Forum Hotel de Ville, Lausanne


Regionale 23/24, Haus der Elektronischen Künste, Basel
X Arts Festival, 25 years of RadioX, Transbona Halle, Basel

"Why Should I look at the stars?", Galerie Durchgang, Basel, Group Exhibition



"The World As We remember It", White Room Gallery, Group exhibition
Berlin "Endings / Time Machine", AP Kunst Art Gallery, Group exhibition, Krakow



"Transparency" Solo exibition, ArtCave Gallery, Zürich
"World Without Borders", ArtCave Gallery, Zürich, Group exhibition