Lerie is a dancer and mix-media artist, Jungian analyst in training, movement facilitator and certified astrologer, living in Zürich.


With her background in philosophy (specialist / lic.phil. degree) , she's a Diploma Candidate of the IAAP International programme of ISAP Zürich, working in her private practice, as well as online.

Her journey towards embodiment practices and the studies of human soul began at the early age. Through her family, Lerie was exposed 
to various types of bodywork, including yoga, different types of meditation and holotropic breathwork (under the guidance of Stanislav Grof and his students). Eventually she found a quintessence of her spiritual research and artistic expression in Japanese Butoh dance. 

After completing her degree in Saint-Petersburg, Lerie moved to Dharamsala, Northern India, to train in an immersive butoh school. She also studied with many butoh teachers around the world, including Atsoushi Takenouchi, Masaki Iwana, Ken Mai, Imre Thromann (all of them being the first-generation students of Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikata), among many others.

During her many years in India she intensively studied Eastern philosophies, medicine and Jyotish astrology, did apprenticeship with Ayurveda therapist, learned classical Tibetan massage, psychosomatic diagnostic and ResoTouch. 
She's a certified jyotish astrologer, trained in Kali Shankar Academy.


Lerie has done her visual installations and performances in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Russia and India. Her main themes of artistic exploration are relationship between the organismic and algorythmic, anatomical studies of the body and the psyche, and neo-rituals.


We often think about mind and body as of two  separate continuums or dimensions of being. Whether this might or might not ontologically be true, I prefer to think about the two as of the great Resonance. Resonance is a physical phenomenon that occurs when one object is vibrating at the same natural frequency as another one, forcing the second object into same vibration. When two sound waves resonate, it means that their natural frequencies match, amplifying and prolonging the sound. Putting it simply, to resonate means to involve and be involved into one another's natural way of being.

As much as the mind affects the body, everything that happens in the body profoundly affects the mind. 

This resonance of the two fundamental dimensions – Psyche and Soma – is where the Life begins. This is why neither my therapeutical nor my artistic approach excludes one or the other.



“Having a body that is like a musical instrument, open enough to be able to resonate, literally resonate with what is coming both from the inside and from the outside, so that one is able to surrender to powers greater than oneself”

— Marion Woodman