About Pemanagpo



1. Our work is 90% hand-made

From alloy to the finihing, plating and polishing, our jewllery is purely hand-made, excluding chains, small findings and rare details. Each piece is being born with love, every stone is carefully picked from hundreds. All the Pemanagpo creations have their names, history and "passport". We create our jewellery either as a single piece or a very limited edition. That's why if you're concerned about how your particular piece and stone would look like, please feel free to contact us. Please note that a hand-made polishing is very different from the machine polishing, that's why slight unevenness is normal.





2. We stand for conscious consumption

We try to use what is generously given by nature with gratitude and we expect you to do the same.
Choosing our jewellery, you can be sure that it's production is 100% environmental-friendly and ethical. We buy every stone and natural packing materials from the local people of India, Tibet and Nepal at rates that are very remunerative for them. All of the animal products are taken from nomadic people and highland Himalayan farmers, grazing their animals free and taking only the amount of meat needed to sustain their families' needs. No animal is harmed for the sake of taking teeth, skin or feathers.

3. The Black Lotus


Pemanagpo (པདྨ་ནག་པོ།) is a Tibetan word, in fact it is two Tibetan words. Pema (པདྨ།) is "lotus" and "Nagpo" (ནག་པོ།) is black. Lotus is a sacred Tibetan symbol for primordial wisdom and empty nature of reality.

Part of our profit goes to support Tibetan Community in Exile.





4. Power of minerals

Every stone, every piece of earth has its own story to tell. Specially gemstones, with its crystal structure to be a powerful energy prism. We strongly recommend to chose your stone according to your mental disposition and body structure. We'll gladly advice you what stone would be perfect for you.




5. Born in mountains


Pemanagpo Jewellery was born, as a brand, in Dharamsala, Northern India, by the Dhauladhar range of Himalaya mountains. As I moved to Switzerland, we landed in Swiss alps. All my recent creations are made in Switzerland.
Our stones come from the mountain regions all around the world, mostly Himalaya and Ural mountains.