Life counselling and support

"Huston, we have problems..."

Wondering which therapist suits you better? Not really sure, what is the difference between psychologist, psychoanalyst, psychotherapist and psychiatrist?
Are you struggling, or just stuck in your life waiting for a new step? Need support in going through a difficult period of your life, integrating something important? Are you lost, scared, hurt or grieveing?

As a multidisciplinary therapist, I use a wide range of methods, yet they serve similar purposes, like: living, being present, feeling, accepting, forgiving, creating new and destroying old, knowing, holding, grieving and finding joy. And many things beyond.


This is a very approximate list of issues one can come to my sessions with:

– Search for deeper meaning in life, stagnation, crisis of age
– Relationship problems (couple* therapy is available)
– Anxiety, panic attacks, phobia
– Bereavement and grief
– Questions of gender identity
– Integration of spiritual experience (religious practices, psychedelics, dreamwork etc.)

– Struggle with motherhood and pregnancy
– Questions of career choice and setting life goals

– Life crisis, depression, apathy

– Search for empowerment and initiation

- Working with addictions and psychiatric spectrum is possible, as long as you're on medication and supervised by a qualified psychiatrist

*Couple therapy is queer-friendly


First session is always free.

Offline sessions in Zürich, online sessions worldwide.

Languages: English, Russian, Tibetan. German on demand.

Movement, dance and embodiment

This kind of practice will be particularly helpful for those who struggle with:


– Dissociation, lack of concentration and attentiveness
– Anxiety, feeling ungrounded and stressed out
– Wanting to know one's body better
– Psychosomatic pains and blockages
– Struggling with one's body image and identity

– Deepening one's dance, meditative and embodiment practices

Offline sessions in Zürich (near Central).