Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries.
– C.G. Jung

Psychological help and coaching

– Search for deeper meaning in life, stagnation, crisis of age
– Relationship problems (couple* therapy is available)
– Anxiety, panic attacks, phobia
– Bereavement and grief
– Questions of gender identity
– Integration of spiritual experience (religious practices, psychedelics, dreamwork etc.)

– Struggle with motherhood and pregnancy
– Questions of career choice and setting life goals

– Life crisis, depression, apathy

Please note: I m not allowed to work with you if you're suicidal. But if you're from Zürich, I can refer you to the competent professional.

If you're experiencing a dire crisis and feel like you might want to end your life, please contact psychiatrist as soon as possible.
There's no shame or danger in doing it.

Please note: due to current Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, all sessions are conducted online only!
*Couple therapy is queer-friendly

Movement, dance and embodiment therapy

– Dissociation, lack of concentration and attentiveness
– Anxiety, feeling ungrounded and stressed out
– Wanting to know one's body better
– Psychosomatic pains and blockages
– Struggling with one's body image and identity

– Deepening one's embodiment practices

Currently unavailable due to quarantine.