How does astrology work?

Celestial bodies in our solar system do not affect our life.Physical phenomena like light and gravitation are the exceptions. Mars as a astronomical object has nothing to do with our health (at least until we colonise it), and is completely indifferent to the human blood vessels, or wars, or energy level.

Why do we still consider that the planets above “rule” our “fate”?
Because “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate” (C.G.Jung)

Astrology works not because the human functions according to the stars, but because the human organised the stars according to themself.

Our body has the general anatomy, a homo sapiens prototype. Likewise, our psyche has its own anatomy. We perceive the world on its basis: we hear with our ears, smell with our noses and feel with the feeling function of our psyche.


Take math. All numerical systems of the ancients were created on the basis of either number of fingers or phalanges. But the very notion of a “number”, as well as the need to count and measure the world, is purely psychic. This need is genetic, but immaterial. We, Jungians, call it “archetypal”. All kind of science developed from this archetypal need for measurement. Astronomy deals with the cycles and movements of celestial bodies, while astrology deals with the cycles and movements of human psyche. Astrology works for the same reason that psychology does. It is a study of archetypal psychic contents and their [algo]rhythms. Astrology is a more ancient kind of anthropology. It is a comprehensive tutorial on physiology of human spirit. The ancients apparently spent quite some time investigating their own nature of mind: how it functions, what is the relationship between its “organs”; developing its the dynamic map.

And like every living creature on this Earth, a human being has their own cyclic biorhythms, unravelling in time, therefore it made perfect sense to “assign” the movements of celestial bodies to the inner processes.



Therefore, astrology is a product of a very deep self-research. In this sense, modern depth psychology has a long way to go if it wants to catch up with the vastness and depth of astrological knowledge. Unfortunately, we do not possess the same level of insight as did those who created astrology. This is why astrology appears mystical to us. And this is also why we’re doing an amazing job in misinterpreting it. Astrology is difficult to navigate, and I, as a contemporary analytic astrolger doesn’t pretend to navigate it on the level of an ancient sage. But I do my best to be a mindful astrologer; and a mindful astrologer is anthropologist, a person who’s research on anatomy and physiology of human soul never stops. Otherwise, astrology becomes “table-turning seance”, and a pretty dogmatic one.