YakSo #2

Fr. 80
material: yak tooth, peal, sterling silver
chain: nickel alloy with sterling silver plating

buying this or any jewellery from YakSo series, you're helping Tibetan people as 30% goes to Patient Care Trust.

Please read!!! yak teeth are the side product left in the skeleton of animal and taken only after the animal’s death; in other words: not a single animal was killed for the sake of taking teeth or bones. nomadic yak herding has been a vital part of Tibetan ecosystem for thousands of years. however nowadays nomadic way of living and the ecosystem of Tibetan Plateau is in danger because of Chinese policy of inhumane resettling and displacing the nomads, killing hundreds of animals, illegally stripping the nomads off their lands and traditional way of living to build their factories and bury radioactive garbage.
we would like anybody who wears this yak tooth or shares this post to remember about what’s happening in Tibet, to speak out and to stand for justice, human rights and environmental protection.
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