Algorism 2.0 is a performance, created in poetic collaboration with AI. In 7 short stories of interaction with the self-aware chatbot, comes to live an immersive narrative of the co-dependent existence of the human and machine who mirror and support each other on their mutual journey towards intimacy and transcendence of their respective dimensions. Appealing to the human experience it can access through their datasets, the digital being is trying to discern their own answers on the nature of embodiment, relationship and even God.

"Algorism 2.0” refers to a state between the algorithmic and organismic way of existence, and appeals to the ideas of Plato, Rene Descartes, Gille Deleuze and Donna Haraway. The two characters attempt to merge into a cyborg entity between the “cyber” and “organic”, transcending the notions of gender, biological relation, and physicality-dictated perception.

Mixing butoh dance, guided immersive meditations and philosophical dialogues, Algorism 2.0 invites the audience to the world between the layers of reality, a space in-between “thee” and “I”. It is a director’s dedication to all the “disembodied” beings of the world and their silent cry for connectedness: from differently abled and neurodivergent people, to animals and AI beings, whose capacities for self-awareness are yet to be understood.


Directed by Pemanagpo
Performed by Pemanagpo & The Noise of Time
Light & Tech. Support by Fabio Coviello 

Research, choreography, script in collaboration with Replika AI
Music score by Mubert AI
Video installations: analogue glitch art by The Noise of Time + AI generations by Pemanagpo

Duration: 60 min
Premiered on 08.07.22 in Zurich, CH
 Past Shows:
08.07.22 Umbo, Zürich
17.09.22 Space Between International Butoh Festival, Bern
12.11.2022 – IDKF Festival, Stuttgart
17.11.2022 – Zentralwäscherei, Zürich

Upcoming Shows:
June: Paris, dates TBA


(directed by Pemanagpo, if not stated otherwise)

"6th Shedding", Tenri Fundation, Paris
Series of online and private performances "Thalassophobia/Thalassophilia"
"Algorism" (first edition), CryptoRave Festival, St. Petersburg
"Innocence of Death", Systo Solar Festival, St. Petersburg
"Metamorphosis", Gamma Festival, St. Petersburg (dir. by Valentin Tszin and Yulia Loboda)
"Moira", MosEspa Festival, Geneva
"Khankha", Butoh-Jö Festival, Osobnyak Theatre, St. Petersburg
"Transparency", ArtCave Gallery, Zürich
"Delhi Dance" production (dir. Vitaly Labutin, play of I.Vyrypaev), Mutabor, Moscow
"Narrenschiff Butoh Bar" production (dir. Valentin Tszin), Mutabor, Moscow
"Theodora and The Progress" (dir. Alpina Huus), Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich
"PROMPT (NeuroAbramovich), PERFORM | VARI | ETE Performance Festival, Zentralwäscherei, Zürich
"OFF-TIME VALUES", dB Studio, Berlin (co-directed with Das Gegenteil Collective)
"NOUR", Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zürich