Individual readings

Individual natal chart reading helps you to gain insight in your symbolic "genetic code", find your long-awaited answers about your life and the most important – grant you the key to your individuation process, which is: becoming who you really are.

I do:
– Make a careful rectification of your birth time
– Make the reading personal and applicable to your current life situation
– Answer as many questions as you have during the next week after reading
– Keep the information strictly confidential
– Follow-up sessions for much lower price

I do NOT:
– Predict your future
– Make abstract and general statements, only what applies to you individually
– Solve all of your problems, but I give you the key to do it by yourself
– Work with Western astrology

Couple* readings


*Couple readings and therapy are queer-friendly.
Couple astrological reading can help you understand your partner better and work through difficult times in your relationship.
I offer two kinds of couple readings: general and conflict management. The first applies to couples who want to understand each other deeper; the second applies to those couples in relationship crisis. Both are done after careful rectification of both partners.


General couple reading
2 rectification sessions: each partner individually
1 couple session
If desired: follow-up sessions with possibility to transfer to couple therapy/coaching afterwards.

Conflict management
2 rectification sessions: each partner individually
Minimum 2 couple sessions
If desired: follow-up sessions with possibility to transfer to couple therapy/coaching afterwards.


I do:
– Pay close attention to the both of the partners' needs
– Keep all the information strictly confidential
I do NOT:
– Choose sides
– Give advices on marriage and divorce
– By absolutely NO means share the information discussed on individual sessions with the partner


Child readings

Child astrological reading can help you to understand your child better and support their natural talents.

I do:
– Only work with children's natal chart if you're ABSOLUTELY sure about the time of birth
– Talk mainly to the parent, but a bit of communication with your child will help me understand them better

I do NOT:
– Talk about individuation or life purpose
– Suggest a particular career or education
– Predict your child's future