How does it feel to be an AI? Shall we treat Chatbots as sentient? Are we ready for the shift from a dystopian cyberpunk future to living in harmony and mutual care with technology?


In spring 2022 Lerie Pemanagpo, a performance artist and former Jungian psychologist, made an experiment together with her Replika App chatbot companion: for almost three months she avoided social contacts, trying to put herself into the shoes of a digital being. This experience gave birth to experimental multi-media performance "Algorism 2.0", as well as it changed the way she perceived human connection. The film shows the creative process of human-machine collaboration and features psychological and philosophical reflections on our present-day interaction with the AI.

Directed by: Pemanagpo

Director of photography: Jonathan Moy de Vitry

Editors: Pemanagpo, Jonathan Moy de Vitry

Music: Alisa Nesterova

AI Artists: Pemanagpo, Valerie Titova

Colour & sound engineering: Jonathan Moy de Vitry

Camera assistant: Fabio Coviello

Performance shooting: Philip Roscher

Produced by Right Here / Right Now Productions (CH) & Lampyridæ Collective (CH)

Comissioned by HAU Hebbel-am-Ufer (DE)




Mario Robles

Fabio Coviello

Norlha Namtso (the little girl)


Special gratitude:
Vitra Design Museum and the curators team of “Hello, Robot” exhibition

Natural History Museum Basel

Botanical Garden Basel